Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mideast - The Holy Land totally Belongs to Israel and not to any Palestinian State

I have been informed through radio by Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ that Palestinians push for a UN resolution demanding territorial concessions from Israel by the year 2016.

Moreover, a key component is that the Jewish State of Israel give up East Jerusalem and hand it over to the Palestinians. Moreover, Palestinian President Abbas regards that territory as Palestinian lands. 

Those lands are not Palestinian lands.  They are Israeli lands. They belong to the Jewish State and not to a Palestinian. The area of Israel is not a occupied area. It is legitimate Israeli national territory and the Palestinians have no legitimate entitlement to claim any of it as theirs.

I furthermore exhort the American President to veto any such rubbish motion.

Furthermore, in regards to any talk of a Palestinian state, I also am informed of the intentions of the Prime Minister of Sweden,Stefan Loefven, to recognize a Palestinian state.

I find that egregious. But then what can you expect from the Swedes?  I've read some history about some atrocities that Swedes committed.  Yes atrocities, in my book.

Let's start with the sale of iron ore from Sweden to the Third Reich for Hitler's war machine.

"Sweden also profited from the Holocaust. It is known that Wallenberg’s relatives made money converting Nazi gold into Swedish crowns and that Sweden provided iron ore and ball bearings to the Nazis. Swedish documents reveal that some Swedes actually sided with the Nazis and volunteered to fight for Hitler. Some Swedes were members of the Waffen SS and served in police batallions.1
A committee was established by the Swedish government in 1997 to investigate the transfer of Nazi gold to Sweden during the war. It is reported that Sweden received 3 tons of gold from Nazi Germany (worth today US $430 million). Many Swedish companies, such as Ericsson, AGA and Hasselblad Cameras, as well as the country’s paper and wood industries traded with Nazi Germany. Swedish jewelers bought stolen diamonds, which were smuggle"d into Sweden by civil servants working at the German legation in Stockholm."2
         1  and 2

I repudiate as loathsome any move by anyone who collaborates or allies themselves with the enemies of the Jewish state. These two movements are nothing less than repudiable 
and I will not remain silent for to do so is to maintain neutrality in midst of this moral crisis.

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