Thursday, October 16, 2014

Houston: This case of Annise Parker will Decide What Happens Later throughout the Entire United States

From what has been reported about Houston's mayor is that she is only a taste of what is to come if she is not forced decisively to totally retreat from her position of seeking to prevent Houston's pastors from talking about homosexuality.

She is clearly out of line.  This morning, I prayed for wisdom.  As a conservative and as a Chistian, I was indignant and wanted to give this matter a piece of my mind.  However, I had to hold back and pray for wisdom.  You don't want your emotions to do your thinking for you.  Yes, Houston's Mayor has made a move that is way out of line and yes, she must be put in her place. Her place is that of a servant of the people and not a master of the people. She is not a queen but an elected official yet she is putting a significant constituency through an unnecessary trauma.

Politicians everywhere must be put on notice: don't tread on Pastors, don't tread on Christians. You are no one to tell Pastors what they can or cannot say. Only God decides that and You are not God.

As for test cases, believe me you that the rest of this country is watching what goes on in Houston.  If she wins, enemies of the Christian faith will be emboldened.  We as Christians must be alert and vigilant to prevent her from succeeding. IF you think it cannot happen here, remember that Germany was a democracy that failed to defend itself from Hitler and it became a totalitarian dictatorship.

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